・Can I check in late night?

The check-in time is strictly 10 pm. If you will be late, please inform us in advance. If you do not contact us, we will cancel your accommodation schedule.

・Is the number of people you reserved correct?

This guesthouse permits only reserved guest to come in and stay.
If you take unreserved guest in to the guest house, we claim you extra cost.

When is lights-out time?

It’s 10 pm. After that, please stay quiet so that it won’t cause trouble for other guests.

・Can I leave my luggage in the guesthouse?

If you want to leave your luggage in our guesthouse, please use a locker.
We have three lockers at the entrance of the ground floor. When all lockers are occupied, please use a locker in the Uno station or Naoshima ferry port.

・Do you have a washing machine?

Laundromat (coin laundry) : 300yen (only washing)
The washing machine takes 40-50 minutes to be done.
Please hang your clothes to dry on the second floor.
A hanger is in the room. Clothes take 1 night to dry in summer, and 1 day in winter.

・Do you have amenities?

Body soap, shampoo and rinse are free. There is a hairdryer and bath towels in the room.

・Is there a parking lot?

No. Please use the coin parking lot behind Uno Station for parking It is up to 500 yen a day, 3 minutes from the guest house.

・ Is there a place to smoke?

Do not smoke inside the guesthouse. Smoke only in the smoking area outside. There are fire alarms in each room.
Your stay will be canceled immediately if you smoke in our guesthouse.

・Do you have breakfast?

There is no such service. Please use the kitchen to prepare breakfast for yourself. Alternatively, use Seven Eleven, a 2-minute walk from the guest house.
Eating on a moving ferry is also a pleasure of traveling ;D

・Is there a supermarket nearby?

There are 3 places within 10 minutes on foot. You can choose.

マルナカ 宇野店

・Do you have some recommendations for restaurants?

Uno Shokudo
Omiso to osakana

Sumi habaki
Onsen Tamano-yu

・ Is there a convenience store nearby?

There is Seven Eleven, 3 minutest from the guesthouse.
7-Eleven Tamano Uno Station

Is there a hot spring nearby?

There is a hot spring about 8 minutes from the guesthouse.
Hot spring
Onsen Tamano-yu

・Can children stay at the guesthouse?

Unfortunately we can only accept children that are over two years old.
My guesthouse is a renovated old Japanese building.
Therefore the walls are very thin and are not very sound-proof.
If your child cries at midnight, other guests might claim.

・Is there a beach nearby?

There is no swimming beach nearby. The closest place is Naoshima Tsutsuji-so.
The shower there is free.

・Where can I see the sunset near here?

A 5-minute walk from Uno Station is recommended to watch the sunset.
You can see Naoshima over the sea.

・Is there a place I can exchange money nearby?

I recommend Cyuugoku bank and Tamano Post Office.

Where is the post office?

There are two places nearby. Please check the business hours before use.
Tamano Post Office (10min)
Tamano Post  (2min)

・Could you lend me an adapter?

Please purchase an adapter at a home appliance shop or Seven Eleven.

Where can I buy clothing? 

Please use Fashion Center Shimamura, which is a 7-minute walk away.

・Are there vegetarian restaurants nearby?

There is one place in Naoshima. Other than that, there are many Japanese rice and vegetarian meals. Please tell the shop. They will avoid meat.

・Do you have clubs in Naoshima and Uno?

It is only in the city. This is a local place.

How many floors do you have?

It is a two-story building. The accommodation is on the second floor and has 15 steps.