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about guest house UOI

  • The convenient location of a 3-minute walk from Uno Port of Tamano-shi, Okayama includes it. Though I cross the Uno port which is the doorway of the sea to each island of Naoshima, Toshima, Shodoshima, it is convenient at all and, as for the document pro-each island and art.from Uno Station in a 3-minute walk to the Naoshima going ferry platform in a 1-minute walk the sea a good location of the very front.in this Guest house UOI, is prepared, and there are a delicious cheap restaurant, the bar who are lively in local, a cafe and a hot spring with an ocean view, and a fish wants to enjoy a trip to islands slowly within a 10-minute walk! It is recommended towards such traveling alone and couple.

  • The property by which the ferry stop where it’s in Chikko, Tamano-shi, Okayama area is immediateness.
    History of Guest house UOI starts from “fish Izanami Japanese-style hotel” 100 years before.

    According to the grandfathers’ fact that neighborhood was born in Taisho.
    A fish Izanami Japanese-style hotel exists already in a Showa early stage.
    It’s said that large stairs from a front door were a wonderful big Japanese-style hotel.

  • about guest house owner

  • Hi, I'm Ayako. This is Owner of Guest house UOI. I was a staff of the 2013 Setouchi International Trienniale Art Festival held on Naoshima, Teshima and Inujima Islands. Thus, I am familiar with all the art museums, exhibits and galleries on the islands, as well as the ferry times. So I can give you maps of the islands and art you want. I enjoy experiencing the local cuisine and culture, and love chatting with the locals. I will be able to recommend you places to eat and visit. I love Japanese animation. Guesthouse of the Otaku, by the Otaku, for the Otaku, UOI. My hobby is cosplay. Each room in my guest house, UOI, has various themes. It is a Japanese room, a room with a view of the sea and an animation room. Please choose your favorite room. If you have any questions about our room, do not hesitate! Looking forward to meeting you! Thanks ;) *The countries I have visited are Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Czech, Thailand, Taiwan. *My favorite animated work. Ghost in the Shell, Cardcaptor Sakura, Samurai Champloo.